The Future of Cities in Space! w/ National Geographic’s Joe YogerstListen now (28 min) | The Future of Cities in Space! w/ Nat Geo’s Joe Yogerst, author of 100 Cities 5000 Ideas from National Geographic
Why Explore Space? Curing Climate Change! w/ Alan Gratz, author of Two DegreesListen now (27 min) | Kicking off a new series - Why Explore Space? Talking about how space travel is essential to help cure climate change
Talking about Carl Sagan and Cosmos for Carl Sagan Day! Host Eric Paul and I talk about the legacy of this legendary scientist and educator, who…
Carl Sagan Day is 9 November - this Wednesday! Here's what we'll be doing to celebrate!
Ryugu and the Giant Laser! w/ Argonne's Esen Ercan Alp and Barbara Levina from the University of Chicago Listen now (29 min) | Exploring the asteroid Ryugu, as we talk with Argonne physicists Esen Ercan Alp and Barbara Lavina (University of Chicago).
Happy Halloween! Come visit our interactive 3D HAUNTED LUNAR BASE in Second Life (or is the AFTERLIFE?!?!?!?)
Halloween Spooktacular - Death in Space! w/ Kevin Heath, Founder of Space Crystals!Listen now (22 min) | As we move out into the Cosmos, death is sure to follow. How will our traditions, practices, and mores about death change?
Get a sneak preview of our new HAUNTED LUNAR BASE in 3D! Just for our VIP subscribers!
It's Just a Lil' BABY Planet! w/ Feng Long, University of ArizonaListen now (22 min) | We look at the birth of planets and solar systems, talking with Feng Long of the University of Arizona!
Imagining Life in Outer Space w/ Stephanie Drimmer of National Geographic!Listen now (25 min) | What could life be like on other worlds? We take a look at this question with Stephanie Drimmer of National Geographic!
The TRAPPIST-1 Bunch - Seven GROOVY Exoplanets! - The Cosmic Companion 04 Oct. 2022 Listen now (8 min) | Exploring seven really HAPPENING planets just 40 light years from Earth!
Our guest list for October is filled with treats, including exoplanets, extraterrestrial life, asteroids, and a giant laser!