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Shadow Puppets: VIP Announcement: Release Date for The Wizard and The Scholar

We have a planned release date for The Wizard and The Scholar. And we are letting VIP subscribers know first. When is it? You'll have to watch this video to find out!
Thomas the Sharp readies his crossbow during the Battle of Strand Quay. Previously unreleased as photo.

Hello VIP subscribers!

Set in the year 1156, our upcoming feature film, The Wizard and The Scholar (or, a Rapscallion Runs Amok in Rye) now has a planned release date! AND it will be in theaters!

This story is led by two amazing women - Elara, a wizard without power, and Adelaide, a nomadic scholar on the search for truth in all things. Faced with a brutal murder in the city, the disparate pair must unite with the most famous thief of all time — Robin Hood — to solve the crime and save the city from an even more egregious threat.

We will be announcing theater dates later this spring.

This will be announced to the general public tomorrow, but this sneak preview — told by Adelaide and Elara — is here for our VIP subscribers now. Thanks so much for being a VIP member - you make this all possible.

When will the film open? You’re just going to have to watch the video to find out!


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