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Unveiling Venus: Stephen Kane Reveals Secrets and Mysteries of this Shrouded World

What do we know about Venus? What do we not know? Stephen Kane, planetary astrophysicist at UC Riverside, joins us to uncover the science and unanswered questions about Venus.

Hello all:

Picture this…

1960s Venus Scene: Open with a retro, sci-fi-inspired vision of Venus, with James standing on the planet’s surface. At first, is seems desolate. [THERAMIN SOUNDS]. We see an alien who looks like a human. Then a second, then a crowd. 

Alien: Greetings, Earthling. Welcome to Venus. How was your flight?

James: Thanks. Not bad, once we got past launch. I never liked liftoff.

Alien: Wait. How can you survive here? The surface of Venus is over 450 Celsius. That’s almost 900 Fahrenheit!

James: You call that HOT? I’m from Arizona!

Alien: And crushing pressures that…”

James: Pressures? You want pressures? Have you tried living in today’s society?” 

Alien: Acid rain? a choking smog-filled atmosphere?

James: I’m also a Gen Xer. Smog? Acid Rain? Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt. 

Alien: But… there’s no water… 

James: Look. Now we’re just back to Arizona again. 

Alien: But… Who are you? What are you doing here?

James: I am James G. Maynard, and I am host of The Cosmic Companion. And this is Unveiling Venus, with planetary astrophysicist Stephen Kane!


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