VIPER — NASA’s Artemis Rover — is Going Nobile - The Cosmic Companion 22 September 2021

Before humans walk, once again, on the surface of the Moon, a robotic rover will search for water (and more!) - meet VIPER.

Meet VIPER — the Artemis rover — a robot with a goal of landing on a patch of lunar soil near Nobile crater in search of water

Human beings could soon walk, once again, on the surface of the Moon with NASA’s Artemis program. However, before this happens, the landing spot will first be explored by a robotic explorer, named VIPER.

NASA recently announced that the Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER) spacecraft will touch down near Nobile crater, near the South Pole of the Moon. Once there, VIPER will explore the region for water and other elements needed for human habitation beyond the surface of the Earth.

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