Uchuu — the Largest Virtual Universe Ever — is Free to Explore — Take a Look! - The Cosmic Companion 10 Sept. 2021

The largest, most-detailed virtual universe ever created has been developed by an international team.

Uchuu is the largest, most-detailed virtual universe ever designed — and it is free for anyone to explore.

It is only a dream to explore the Universe by sailing between galaxies, soaring through vast regions of the Cosmos in a comfortably-short period of time.

But now, an international group of researchers have found a way to make this dream come true. A new virtual universe allows anyone to swoosh through the Universe in an unprecedented virtual setting.

Uchuu (宇宙) — which translates from Japanese as “outer space” is both the largest, as well as most realistic, simulation of the large-scale Universe ever produced.

Read more: https://bit.ly/Uchuu-Virtual-Universe

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