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The Future of the Human Race w/ Stephanie Drimmer of Nat Geo - The Cosmic Companion 26 July 2022

Our species stands poised for a perfect storm of cathartic changes - what will this mean for The Future of the Human Race?

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Welcome back to The Cosmic Companion. This week, we look at the future of the human race. We’re going to be talking with Stephanie Drimmer from National Geographic. 

We will be discussing how our species will change over the coming years, as we get an inside look at her new book from National Geographic, Ultimate Book of the Future.

Millions of years ago, a few foolhardy, um brave, ancestors of the human race first dared to come down out of the trees. These daring primates faced unknown dangers, as they scurried across the ancient savannahs. 

Since our earliest days on the Serengeti Plain, the human race has been confined to the face of one lone planet. Meanwhile, there are likely more than 500 billion planets in the Milky Way Galaxy alone, and hundreds of billions of trillions of planets scattered throughout the Universe…

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Next week, we discuss why Space is for Everyone! talking with space developers Martynas Fedotovas and Nika Chinchaladze of Altair Enterprises. Make sure to join us then!

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