Sep 13 • 25M

The Future of Food in Space! w/ Lenore Newman and Evan Fraser, authors of Dinner on Mars!

Looking at the history - and future - of food in space!

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We look at the future of food in the final frontier, talking with Lenore Newman and Evan Fraser, authors of Dinner on Mars!

This week on The Cosmic Companion, we look at The Future of Food in Space. We will discuss how people have answered - and continue to refine - the challenges of eating in habitations away from our home world.

Later in the show, we will talk with Lenore Newman and Evan Fraser, authors of Dinner on Mars: The Technologies That Will Feed the Red Planet and Transform Agriculture on Earth.

Not surprisingly, the first food in space was eaten by the first person to venture beyond Earth - Yuri Gagarin, during his maiden flight in 1961. Cuisine on the mission consisted of beef and liver paste packed like toothpaste in a metal tube…

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