The Four Young Planets of V 1298 Tau - Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion June 12, 2020

A solar system 350 light years from Earth features two rocky planets, one gas giant, and one big mystery.

The V 1298 Tau star system contains four young planets, orbiting close to their parent star, where they are baked in X-ray radiation. What does this tell us about the composition of these worlds?

By James Maynard

Orbiting the young star V 1298 Tau, more than 350 light years from Earth, at least four planets wind their way around their orbits in the developing solar system. These worlds huddle close to their stellar companion, which bathes the worlds in X-ray radiation.

This pressure from the star likely strips the innermost pair of these worlds of any atmosphere which might develop, leaving them as bare balls of rock. The outer two worlds, however, may have climates which are far more complex.

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