That Weird Radio Signal from Space 500 Days Later - Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion June 18, 2020

A bizarre radio signal from space seen coming and going every 16 days at the start of 2019 is still going strong. That longevity may give a clue to its origin.

A repeating radio wave signal first seen by astronomers early in 2019 continues 500 days later. The cause of the display remains a mystery.

By James Maynard

A source of repeating radio waves seen from one point in the sky presents astronomers with numerous mysteries. The cause of this repeating signal remains a question. The longevity of these cycles — now seen continuing for over 500 days — could either present another mystery, or perhaps a clue to what is going on at the center of these displays.

Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are one form of highly-energetic explosion in deep space. Thought to be caused by small, massive objects, although the exact nature of these objects is still in question. The energy released by eruptions of these objects can outshine the entire galaxies in which they reside, but these events fade in a small fraction of a second.

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