Seeing the Magnetic Fields of Exoplanets - Dr. Jake Turner, Cornell Unv. - The Cosmic Companion Jan 12, 2021

We talk to Dr. Jake Turner from Cornell University about his work finding the first signs of a magnetic field surrounding an exoplanet.

For our first interview of our fourth season, we talk to Dr. Jake Turner of Cornell University, discussing his work finding the first hints of a magnetic field surrounding a planet in an alien solar system.

But first, we examine an unusual radio signal coming from our closest stellar neighbor that looks like it may have been created by an intelligent species – but who? Next, we take a look at something you might not expect – 2020 was, in fact, the shortest year in decades. We will also head out to the Red Planet, where we see the largest canyon in the Solar System in unprecedented detail.

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Dr. Jake Turner from the Carl Sagan Institute at Cornell University visits The Cosmic Companion January 12, 2021.

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