Seeing the Death of Our Solar System (Kinda) - The Cosmic Companion 15 October 2021

For once, looking deep into space means looking FORWARD in time, as astronomers spy a solar system much like our own will look in five billion years...

The death of our solar system (due in less than five billion years) is seen acting out in another solar system

If you are still around in five billion years (spoiler alert, you won’t be), you will witness our Sun expand into a massive red giant star, swallowing Mercury, Venus, and (perhaps) the Earth. Our stellar parent will then shrink into a white dwarf, leaving behind a cloud of gas and dust, expanding outward into the vastness of space.

Questions concerning the details of the death of our solar system, however, remain unanswered. In order to answer these questions, astronomers wish to study exoplanets orbiting white dwarf stars, seeking to glimpse the ultimate fate of our own family of worlds.

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