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Reconstructing Hypatia of Alexandria Using Artificial Intelligence - The Cosmic Companion VIP Newsletter

VIP Sneak Preview: Using Chat-GPT and MidJourney to construct a pictorial journey exploring the story of Hypatia - The last great scientist of the ancient age of the western world
A woman in her mid 30s with long black curly hair is looking just to the right of the viewer. There is a soft uncertain brown background.
Hypatia of Alexandria, envisioned by The Cosmic Companion through the merger of ancient accounts and modern insights, using Chat-GPT and MidJourney. Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution.

VIP SNEAK PREVIEW: We’ve used generative artificial intelligence to learn about the last great scientist of the ancient age in the western world.

Hypatia of Alexandria was an accomplished astronomer, mathematician, and philosopher who lived in the final days of the ancient age of science. Born sometime around 360 CE, Hypatia was raised in the cultural and intellectual center of the Mediterranean, Alexandria, by her mathematician father Theon.

Hypatia dedicated her life to advancing science and reason in an age when dark forces were closing in on her society.

The Great Library of Alexandria, founded just after 300BCE, was once the greatest storehouse of information in the ancient world. The Library was one part of a larger institution of learning, the Musaeum of Alexandria, which also included a grand univer…

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The Cosmic Companion w/ James Maynard
The Cosmic Companion w/ James Maynard
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