Making Space Exploration Sustainable w/ Daniel Bock, Morpheus Space VIP SNEAK PREVIEW

As humanity moves into the inner Solar System and beyond, how to we protect the environments of Earth, the Moon, and Mars?

Mother Nature, pictured as a woman with long flowing black hair, standing in front of the Earth. She is looking to the left of the picture, and her hair and multicolored dress is blowing to the right.
The future of humanity among the stars gives us a chance to design new systems, and new ways of living, protecting worlds here and beyond. Image by the Cosmic Companion, created with MidJourney. Creative Commons 4.0 attribution

Hello everyone!

The Cosmic Companion is back from break with a special sneak preview of our new upcoming episode!

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We’ll be discussing Making Space Sustainable, talking with Daniel Bock, CEO and co-founder of Morpheus Space.

Full episode and interview coming out 4 March!

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