Interview with Tyler Gorda of the University of Virginia - Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion Video and Podcast June 23, 2020


In this week's episode of Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion, we are pleased to be joined by Tyler Gorda from the Department of Physics at the University of Virginia, talking about his work discovering the newest state of matter – quark matter, which could make up much of the material in neutron stars.

But first, we look at a new NASA study showing that oceans may be common on planets orbiting other stars, we examine a new study measuring the expansion rate of the Universe, and a mysterious repeating radio signal from space continues for more than 18 months. We will also examine how dark matter – the unseen “something” which makes up more than 80 percent of all matter in the Universe, might be detected here on Earth.

Incidentally, this episode had a technical difficulty that appears me from appearing for most of the show. But, stay tuned to the end, when you’ll see the first original animation ever made for the program (animation is going to be a thing next season).

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Dr. Tyler Gorda, physicist at the University of Virginia, talking about his work developing a theory of dark matter, and leading viewers on a dive through a neutron star.

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June 30 and July 7: NO EPISODES, as we move into a larger, permanent studio and upgrade equipment.

SEASON THREE BEGINS JULY 14 with an inside look at the James Webb Space Telescope, with Scott Lambros, NASA’a Instrument Systems Manager for this revolutionary instrument, called the successor to Hubble.

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