Interview with Dr. Thea Kozakis of the Carl Sagan Institute - Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion Video and Podcast May 19, 2020


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In this week's episode of Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion, we talk about Comet SWAN, which could soon grace our skies as the brightest comet in years. We will delve deep into small pockets of water, trapped in the crust of Mars, where salty water may be too harsh for life. And, finally, we will learn about the rhythms of stars, and what it can teach us about the nature of these thermonuclear furnaces.

And, in her first interview since earning her doctorate in astrophysics and astrobiology last week, we talk with Dr. Thea Kozakis, who recently led a study exploring planets around dead stars, looking for life.

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Coming May 26: Alejandro Soto of the Southwest Research Institute, talking about water on Mars, and how salty conditions there could affect exploration of the Red Planet.  If you enjoyed this episode of The Cosmic Companion, please download and share the episode on YouTube or any major podcast provider.

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