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Our free newsletter will come out on Tuesdays, VIP newsletter remains the same.

Hi everyone!

In an effort to make the best newsletter possible, I want to give everyone on the mailing list a chance to see our weekly video series and listen to our podcast.

But, the shows are released on Tuesdays. That means the free newsletter will be moving from Saturdays to Tuesdays, starting this week. The VIP newsletter will still come out every Monday.

Now - you will start seeing a newsletter with more features, specials, and audio and video and more!

Remember VIP subscribers get to see each video episode of Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion a day early - plus all the other benefits of being a paid subscriber!

We’ll see you Tuesday, March 3, when I interview Sofia Sheikh of Penn State University about her work finding extraterrestrial intelligence who may have already found life on Earth.

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