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Extinction from Space: Asteroids! with Nizar Ibrahim from National Geographic - The Cosmic Companion 19 July 2022

Exploring the dangers of asteroids with paleontologist Nizar Ibrahim, talking about dinosaurs, asteroids, and our fine feathered friends!

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Hello everyone!

The Cosmic Companion is back with a full-length episode after three weeks away! We’ve missed you so much!

THIS WEEK: We kick off a new series: Extinction from Space: Asteroids!

We are delighted to be joined by renowned paleontologist Nizar Ibrahim from National Geographic! We talk about these infamous creatures, extinctions, and why we may still be living in an age of dinosaurs.

This is our first full episode using a lot of fancy new video and audio software that I am just starting to learn how to use. Please let me know what you think!

Listen to the podcast here or watch the video version of this episode on YouTube!

NEXT WEEK: The Future of Everything! with National Geographic’s Stephanie Drimmer, author of Ultimate Book of the Future!

See you then!

Clear skies,



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