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Exploring Ocean Floors- Earth and Beyond - The Cosmic Companion 23 August 2022

Exploring ocean worlds from Earth to distant stars - with Catherine Musemeche, author of Lethal Tides, a new biography telling the story of pioneering oceanographer Mary Sears.

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Ocean floors — here on Earth as well as on other worlds — beckon to be explored…

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Hello everyone!

This week on The Cosmic Companion, we’ll be Exploring Ocean Floors from Earth out to distant stars. Later in the show, we’re going to be talking with Catherine Musemeche, author of Lethal Tides, a new biography, telling the story of pioneering oceanographer Mary Sears.

Earth is an ocean world, with water covering roughly three-quarters of the surface of our planet. 

Despite the abundance of oceans around the globe, only a small percentage of the ocean floor has been explored. In many ways, exploring ocean floors on Earth is significantly more challenging than studying other worlds.

Listen to the podcast version of Exploring Ocean Worlds with Catherine Musemeche here, or watch the video version of this episode below:

Catherine Musemeche appears on The Cosmic Companion 23 August 2022. Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution 2022 The Cosmic Companion.

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