Einstein Ring Shines in Hubble Space Telescope Image - The Cosmic Companion 25 September 2021

The Hubble Space Telescope views an Einstein ring showing off an ancient galaxy

An Einstein ring seen by Hubble offers a glimpse into an ancient era of peak star formation

Just as light can be bent by a lens, light paths are similarly affected by massive gravitational fields. This effect bends and stretches light paths, similar to the way light would behave passing through the lens of a children’s telescope.

Examining the twisted paths in this image from The Hubble Space Telescope (HST), astronomers concluded the galaxy at the center of the photo lies roughly 9.4 billion light years from Earth. At the time this light left its source, the Cosmos was undergoing a peak period of star formation.

In December 2020, the Hubble Space Telescope team released a new image of a distant galaxy called GAL-CLUS-022058s, whose light was warped by a massive gravitational field into an Einstein Ring.

Read more: https://bit.ly/Einstein-Ring-Hubble

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