Dillon Dong Talks an Unusual Supernova - Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion 21 Sept. 2021

Caltech graduate student Dillon Dong tells us about his work finding an unusual supernova - plus Inspiration 4, a strange tweet from Woz, and more!

Hello everyone!

This week on Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion, we welcome Dillon Dong, a graduate student at Caltech to the show. We're going to talk about his work discovering a previously-unseen type of supernova eruption.

But first, we learn about a supernova due for a return engagement, we hear how Steve Wozniak could be entering the space salvage business, and we will look in on Inspiration 4, the first all-civilian flight to space.

Watch the video version of this episode:

Watch the video here, or listen to the podcast at: https://bit.ly/TCC-210921-pod

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