Did a Supernova Cause the Devonian Extinction? - Dr. Brian Fields, Unv. of Illinois - Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion Sept. 1, 2020 Video and Podcast

The Cosmic Companion talks to Dr. Brian Fields of the University of Illinois about his study showing a possible stellar cause for one of the greatest extinction events ever.

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This week, we are joined by Dr. Brian Fields of the University of Illinois. He recently headed a study showing how the Devonian extinction which took place on Earth 359 million years ago, may have been triggered by the supernova explosion of a nearby star.

We also look at a new experiment showing how life might survive a trip aboard an asteroid traveling from Mars to Earth, and we discuss new ideas showing how Earth may have been a water world since soon after its formation. Finally, we gaze out to the nearby galaxy, Andromeda, as the Hubble Space Telescope reveals a massive halo of ionized gas surrounding the massive collection of stars.

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Coming September 8: Dr. Dimitra Atri of New York University, talking about his research showing how life may live just beneath the surface of Mars, aided by galactic cosmic rays.

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