Could Life Hide Beanth the Surface of Mars? Dimitra Atri NYU Abu Dhabi - Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion Sept. 8, 2020 Video and Podcast

We talk with Dimitra Atri of NYU Abu Dhabi, discussing his work showing life on Mars may hide just beneath the Martian surface.

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This week, we welcome Dr. Dimitra Atri to the show. He is an astrophysicist from New York University Abu Dhabi, and we will be discussing his work showing how life might survive just beneath the surface of Mars, aided by galactic cosmic rays.|||

We will also look at how astronomers found a type of black hole they always expected to find as well as one thought impossible. We examine the most detailed images ever recorded of the Sun, taken by astronomers at Europe's largest solar telescope. Lastly, we will journey to the Moon, where investigators recently found hematite – a mineral which forms from water and free oxygen – both of which are rare on the lunar surface.

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Coming September 15: Dr. Christopher Berry, astrophysicist at Northwestern University, researcher on the discovery of the first intermediate-mass black holes..

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