Could China Build a Kilometer-Long Spaceship? - The Cosmic Companion Astronomy Minute 9 Sept. 2021

The National Science Foundation in China recently opened a study exploring the idea of building a spacecraft a kilometer long - can it be done?

A kilometer-long spaceship might be constructed by China in the near future, utilizing revolutionary technologies.

A mammoth spaceship, as long as the Golden Gate Bridge, could be traveling through space in the foreseeable future. A research proposal funded by the National Science Foundation in China envisions the construction of such a behemoth spacecraft.

The foundation is supporting the development of new, lightweight materials which might be used to construct the craft. One of the major costs of building such a vehicle is lifting material into orbit. Next-generation materials could allow designers to build the mammoth spacecraft using a minimal number of rocket launches, lowering costs.

Such vehicles could serve multiple purposes for humans seeking to explore the Cosmos.

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