Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion Podcast - What is Comet Atlas? March 31, 2020


This week's podcast episode of Astronomy News with The Cosmic Companion is a special look at Comet Atlas, which is shaping up to (potentially) become the greatest comet seen from the northern hemisphere in over two decades. We will discuss everything we know (so far) about Comet Atlas, and learn when and where to look for this new visitor from the outer solar system.

We also interview Dr. Joe Burchett of the University of California Santa Crux about his work modeling ribbons between galaxies, using yellow slime mold. Learn how —and why— his team developed and carried out this unique study.

Comet Atlas could, possibly, become as bright as Comet Hale-Bopp in 1997. Image credit: Giuseppe Donatiello.

Watch the video version of this episode (full interview in podcast only):

On next week's podcast episode of Astronomy News with the Cosmic Companion (April 7), I interview Dr. Pedro Bernardinelli of The University of Pennsylvania, lead researcher on a study which found 316 minor planets beyond Neptune.  .

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