A month of Amazing Guests!

Here are the amazing guests appearing this month on Astronomy news with the Cosmic Companion!

Hi everyone!

We have some AMAZING guests lined up on our podcast this month! Check out the lineup, and be sure to tune in!

March 31: (current episode): Dr. Joe Burchett of The University of California Santa Cruz on his study using yellow slime mold to model ribbons between galaxies.

April 7: Dr. Pedro Bernardinelli of The University of Pennsylvania, lead researcher on a study which found 316 minor planets beyond Neptune.

April 14: Alan Adler, Inventor of Aerobie flying discs, and the Aeropress coffee maker, talking about the science of flight and making coffee!

April 21: Dr. Nahum Arav from Virginia Tech, discussing his discovery of massive quasar tsunamis – the most energetic outpouring of material of this type in the Cosmos.

April 28: Dr. Steven D’Hondt, geomicrobiologist from the University of Rhode Island, who led a 2010 expedition collecting core samples from beneath the seafloor of the South Pacific, research that could help researchers today, looking for signs of life on Mars.

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